Sunday, January 26, 2014

Calloway's Nursery Seeks Interns:

Up to 4 Internships available for Summer 2014!  

Calloway's provides a learning experience that will challenge student interns and expose them to retail management as an option for a career path. In return, the interns provide Calloway’s with a perspective that challenges us with new ideas and allows us to remain up-to-date and fresh in our personnel selection and retail thinking. Interns will rotate and train under different sections of the company.

Rotations include: Store Management Experience, General Manager Experience, Merchandising Department Experience, and Marketing Department interns. 

WHEN: Summer Term- 10 week program.
DEADLINES: Applications due by March 24, 2014. Intern selections will be determined by April 7, 2014
WHERE: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area Houston, Texas
APPLICATION: Resume and Calloway’s Application form completed and returned to
COMPENSATION: $10.00 per hour. 40-work week.

Preferred Experience and Education:
Students who have completed their freshman year of study and have an interest in retail nursery management as a career path.


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