Monday, May 26, 2014

France Study Abroad Students are Sharing their Journey now!

Only week one, and I want to learn a new language. 

May 25, 2014:

We are all given a toolbox when we are born, and throughout our lifetimes, we fill it with different utensils to help us build our lives.  We gain a wrench here and a hammer there, never really knowing which tool we will gain from each experience but having the courage to survey our collection of tools and build with however meager or bountiful it may be.                    
French is not in my toolbox.  Since the moment I stepped off of the plane,  “eye spy” has been my favorite game and biggest asset when hunting for familiar words to decipher signs and written notices, while I implicate another popular game “mad gab” when listening to spoken words.  To tie it all together, lets just say I have become an expert in the game of charades.  Life truly is just a big game.  Read more HERE.

Monday, May 12, 2014

i-Tree ECO Urban Forestry Summer Internships (6 positions!)

Job Purpose: This position will be working closely with the City of Dallas (Texas) to locate and collect field data as part of an i-Tree ECO study for the City of Dallas. This information will be used to quantify the eco-system service benefits of Dallas’s Urban Forest.

Essential Functions:
* Locate plot center using GPS and maps throughout the City of Dallas.
* Navigate through densely wooded areas and over rough terrain using only maps and GPS
* Collect field data on tree attributes and site information within one-tenth acre plots including:
o Species identification
o Diameter Breast Height (DBH) (inches)
o Height (feet)
o Crown spread (feet)
o Distance from plot center
o Other information as directed
Community Relations:* Ability to interact and cooperate with all Foundation employees and other interns
* Display commitment to the mission of the Texas Trees Foundation
* Proactively establishes and maintains effective working team relationships with all person
Qualifications/Skills Required:
* Enrolled in a two or four year degree in Forestry, Urban Forestry, Horticulture or related discipline.
* Working knowledge of computers and GIS systems.
* Valid driver's license and good driving record.
* Excellent communication skills.
* Ability to work and hike in urban terrain and inclement weather.
* Ability to work independently.
* Applicants with education/experience specifically related to urban forestry and experience collecting data related to i-Tree ECO will be given higher consideration.
To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to:
Matt Grubisich
Director of Operations
Texas Trees Foundation
2100 Ross Avenue, Suite 855
Dallas, TX 75201