Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Howdy Farmers launch fundraising effort through Aggie Funding:

On Friday, Howdy Farm launched their fundraising campaign on Aggie Funding.
The Howdy Farm plans to raise $45,000. With the money, they will create 4 new sustainable gardens:

  • The Zen Garden: featuring tropical plants, bamboos, a study space, and a sand garden.
  • The “Sky’s the Limit” Planter: featuring vertical planters and connective trellising.
  • The Howdy! Farm Flagpole Garden: featuring the Howdy! Farm flagpole and an adult-sized walk-through jungle of trellised hops, grown for Blackwater Draw Brew Company, a local brewpub that buys our produce!
  • The New Field: featuring a half-acre of vegetable rows, bounded by beneficial-attractors and wildflowers! 

To read about their fundraising goals in more depth take a look the Howdy Farm website or the Aggie Funding site.
From Howdy Farm:

Plant a seed, and watch it grow! 
Your funding is our seed –
Watch us grow with your support!

***Please consider planting a seed with the Howdy Farm by making a donation through aggiefunding.com***

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