Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GrowIt! Garden Socially with Ball Horticulture and earn Scholarship $$$:

What is GrowIt?
Would you like the chance to earn a scholarship and boost your own personal brand while doing so? GrowIt! is a brand new initiative from Ball Horticultural Company. GrowIt! is a mobile application that seeks to make gardening easier for the consumer by providing a social platform for gardeners to connect with other gardeners in their local area.

http://growitmobile.com/img/growit-appscreen.pngThe goal is to create a system which users can find plants that are suited for their area. Maybe a consumer knows that she needs something for a full sun container, and that she likes red. She can then use the App’s “Explore” feed to find the right plants for her needs. The goal of the application is to inspire new gardeners and to connect gardener-to-gardener like never before. It also gives young horticultural professionals a chance to showcase their talent. Do you want to become a grower? Show off some of the plants you are currently growing. Maybe you want to be a landscape architect. Take a picture and show people in your area what types of projects you’ve been working on. GrowIt! is young which means you have a real chance to become an influencer on the network; all you have to do is to upload what you’re growing and see what people think. It’s a way to build a plant portfolio.Scholarship opportunity
To raise awareness of GrowIt! in the horticulture community we are offering scholarships. The GrowIt! Team will select recipients based on the overall picture quality, range of varieties uploaded, and accuracy of identification. Quantity of photos uploaded will be taken into consideration, but will not be a deciding factor. There will be (3) $500 scholarships and (3) $100 scholarships offered. The deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2014.
* Must own an IPod/IPhone/IPad or ability to use someone else’s. This app is only available for the iOS system for this initial release.
* College students pursuing a degree in Horticulture, Landscape Design, Plant Science, Agricultural Science, or a related field.
* Register, & follow links to download app here, www.growitmobile.com/scholarship
* You must upload a minimum of 30 photos for your application for scholarship to be accepted

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