Monday, February 1, 2016

Annual Spring Plant Sale

TAMU Horticulture Club's Annual Spring Plant Sale! 


Saturday, March 5th beginning at 8 AM

Location: Lawn of Horticulture/Forestry Science Building (HFSB)

Varieties of vegetable, fruit, and ornamental plants will be available. More details to come.

The TAMU Horticulture Club's Annual Spring Plant Sale is the student organizations largest fundraiser of the year. Through it, students have the opportunity to compete in regional and national plant competitions such as ASHS. As in previous years, the sale will be located on the lawn of the Horticulture/Forestry Science Building. A variety of vegetable, fruit, and ornamental plants will be available. Details to come, so be checking in. For questions or to join the email list, contact the student group at

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  1. Few people would disagree that deciduous trees, in summer, fall or even spring are unparalleled in beauty. I fell in love with trees, landscape plants and gardening 30 years ago and a tree was magnificent because it was in leafy splendor, but of course. When I began to see in the leafless tree what I had not seen, it was a little startling. In winter, stripped of foliage, certain characteristics were exciting to discover. Tree bark that is deeply grooved, or satiny smooth that peels in paper thin layers. Stems that are opposite and perfectly symmetrical or stems that alternate with seemingly precise spacing growing into branches that form the trees distinct silhouette. And I marveled how the common image of trees as brown is so inadequate. In reality the variations are huge ranging from deepest cocoa to hickory, walnut, coffee, to beige, cherry and even gray and white. But most importantly I realized that, somehow, it was the soul of the tree, it's true self, that I could sense sans its glorious plumage.