Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grants for Student Organizations - Apply Now!

The College of Agriculture Development Council (COADC) is a volunteer organization that was established in 1981 and has become an avid supporter of undergraduates in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The COADC created the Student Service Work Group in 1996 to institute the Student Organization Proposal program which offers financial support to student organizations
by awarding grants to be used for specific projects and activities
. Through this program, undergraduate student organizations have received more than $120,000 from the COADC.

*Deadline:  Friday, December 14th* Proposals are LIMITED TO ONE PAGE ONLY and must be submitted via e-mail to: in MICROSOFT WORD format.

The following format should be used in submitting proposals:

Student Group Requesting Funds:
Account Number at MSC: (REQUIRED)
Title of Project/Activity:
Amount Requested: (NOT TO EXCEED $500)
Contact Persons (Phone & E-mail Address): INCLUDE STUDENT REP. & ADVISOR
Number of Students Involved:
Proposal Objectives:
Benefit to COALS/Others:
Anticipated Results:

For more information about the COADC visit the website at:

Must be a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences undergraduate organization possessing an account at MSC at time of proposal submission
* Proposal limited to one (1) page
* No “Brick/Mortar” projects eligible
* No more than one (1) proposal will be accepted from an organization
* Only one (1) proposal per activity/project will be accepted
* Amount requested shall not exceed $500

Contact Brandy Douglass
Phone: 845-3792

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