Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ball Horticulture Internships: Career Fair Interviews Wed/Thurs Feb 27-28

Internships Offered Include:
Ball Innovations
Seed Operations
Darwin Perennials
Vegetative Stock
Vegetative Rooting Trials
Seedling Development
Cut Flower
Genetic Research
Garden Vegetables Market
2013 Summer Internship Program:   For more than two decades, Ball Horticultural Company has offered a wide variety of internships to students majoring in Horticulture, Plant Science, Agribusiness, and related fields.  Each year, our internship projects are linked to specific business initiatives, which encompass a range of horticulture disciplines including advanced research, breeding and genetics, marketing, business operations, production, and trialing. All internships require a minimum of Junior-level standing at a regionally accredited, four-year university or college.  Historically, Ball interns arrive with significant academic and/or related extracurricular accomplishments, although consideration is given to those students demonstrating exceptional promise.   When applying for these internship projects, students should consider the following:
* All internships are offered during the summer months for a period of 10-12 weeks.

* Starting and ending dates are relatively flexible, depending upon the schedule of the student and the needs of the department; we prefer interns start no later than the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

* Unless otherwise noted, internships are located in West Chicago, Illinois, which is a suburb approximately 35 miles west of Chicago.

* Rate of pay is $11.00 per hour.  Students typically work 40 hours/week, although some internships require overtime during critical periods.

* For students who do not have housing available, we provide fully furnished and appointed apartments in a nearby complex and absorb the majority of the rental costs. The student portion of housing costs generally run about $200.00 per month; food, telephone and transportation costs are not included.  Students are required to have their own transportation since housing is not within walking distance from work locations and public transportation is not available.

*A major goal of the program is to expose students to multiple aspects of our business operations; presentations and tours of departments throughout the corporation are provided on a regular basis during the summer.  Similarly, interns are expected to participate in relevant company and industry events including the OFA Short Course and Ball Customer Day.

* All internships culminate in early August with a final presentation made to members of Ball’s Executive and Senior Management Teams.

* The application deadline is February 28, 2013.  Intern selections will be determined by mid-March 2013.  All applicants will be notified of our decisions.

Students interested in pursuing one of these internships should forward a cover letter and resume to:

Ball Horticultural Company
Attn: Mike Williams
622 Town Road
West Chicago, IL 60185
630-231-3600, ext. 3308
Fax: 630-231-3592

        Web site:

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