Friday, January 18, 2013

Become a Longwood Intern!

Longwood Gardens offers excellent horticulture internship opportunities for college students to gain practical experience, learn horticultural career skills and study horticulture in one of the world's premier public display gardens.

Each intern specializes in one of 15 horticulture or education internship areas throughout the garden. Internship opportunities range in length from 3 or 12 months. Please note that some positions have minimum length requirements. For more information on specific internships, please contact The Undergraduate office, at: EDU-Studies@
Longwood offers a Rotational Summer Internship in Public Horticulture, an opportunity for college and university students completing their sophomore or junior year. Click the link above for a detailed description of this unique opportunity.
While students are enrolled in the College Internship, International or Professional Gardener Training Program they are able to live rent-free (a taxable benefit) on Red Lion Row (within the grounds of Longwood Gardens). Red Lion Row was originally built around the turn of the century by Pierre S. du Pont to house his employees and their families. There are 12 fully furnished duplex-style houses, each with three or four bedrooms. At any given time, there are between 20-40 students living on "The Row."
Life on the Row is very social and submersed in horticulture. Students often attend evening lectures or courses offered at Longwood, available to students at a reduced cost. Additionally, interns and internationals are encouraged, and Professional Gardener students are required, to keep and maintain a garden. Many find this practice exceptionally advantageous to their horticulture education.


  • Free furnished housing within easy walking distance of Longwood Gardens. Further details of the houses are below. This is a taxable benefit; all utilities are included except cable television. Students can purchase cable television or internet access and pay for it individually if desired.
  • Interns and Internationals receive a taxable stipend of $8.50 per hour, with a typical work week of 40 hours.
  • Professional Gardener students receive a taxable biweekly stipend of $548.00 (approximately $14,255 annually).
  • Two complimentary admission tickets for every month of work.
  • Access to the Longwood Gardens library, a great resource for research on horticulture and related topics.
  • Discounted enrollment in all Longwood Gardens Continuing Education courses and lectures.
  • Discounts in The Terrace and The GardenShop.
  • Free admittance to many local gardens and museums.

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