Thursday, February 7, 2013

PAID Summer Internship @ Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston

HORTICULTURE INTERNSHIP Summer 2013 at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Cockrell Butterfly Center Sponsored by The Garden Club of Houston
The Garden Club of Houston Internship in Applied Botany/Horticulture offers funding to students of horticulture interested in a summer internship at the Cockrell Butterfly Center (June-August 2013). Stipend is approximately $4,500 for a 10-12 week period.
The Cockrell Butterfly Center, located within the Houston Museum of Natural Science, is a large greenhouse or conservatory facility that showcases live butterflies. Although butterflies from around the world are the main attraction, the plant background is of major importance. The center's theme is a tropical rainforest, featuring over 300 different species of flowering and foliage plants.
In addition to the public display area, the center includes three 1000 sq. ft. greenhouses used for plant storage and maintenance, plant propagation, and for raising several species of butterflies.
Horticultural staff at the Butterfly Center is responsible for plant care and maintenance inside the public display conservatory as well as in the support greenhouses. Duties include plant care and propagation, pest control, record keeping, developing signage and informational materials, leading outreach programs for children and adults, and interacting with the public and with volunteer workers. Skills developed by horticultural staff in the center include: Knowledge of tropical plant identity and care; plant propagation techniques; familiarity with greenhouse pest insects and the beneficial species used to control them (biological control); butterfly gardening and familiarity with butterfly identity and breeding; public speaking.
To apply please send statement of interest and career goals, including how this internship would help you achieve such goals; college/university transcripts; and the names and phone numbers of three references (a combination of academic and work references), to:
Dr. Nancy Greig, Director
Cockrell Butterfly Center
Houston Museum of Natural Science
5555 Hermann Park Drive
Houston, TX 77030-1799
tel 713-639-4742; fax 713-639-4788

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